Blind Chef, Christine Ha” – Watch this inspirational video of the winner of “MasterChef USA Season 3.

  • Art & Culture
    Art & Culture
    Connect with others to explore the local art and cultural experiences available.
  • College
    Connect with other students and learn what’s available to make your college experience a great one.
  • Education
    Connect with others educating the visually impaired youth, sharing ideas and experiences as parents and teachers.
  • Everyday Life
    Everyday Life
    Connect with others experiencing joys and challenges of everyday life, the same as you.
  • Games
    Connect to other gamers and access on-line games for education and fun.
  • Music
    Connect with other music lovers and learn to participate in or how to simply enjoy listening.
  • Outdoors
    Connect with others to learn to explore and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Politics
    Connect with others to research and discuss political issues concerning our state, country and world.
  • Sports
    Connect with other athletes and fans to share interest in sports, participation and instruction.
  • Technology
    Connect with other techies; find out what’s new and exciting in the world of technology.
  • Resource List
    Resource List
    This is a combined list of resources. Click a link to see category-specific lists of resources.
  • KABVI Youth News
    KABVI Youth News
    Check out the latest news from KABVI Youth Connection.